Privacy Policy

  • The information is collected with the consent of the user by lawful and fair means.
  • We promise to protect the personal information of the user from copying, use by other means ,theft, unauthorized access. The personal information provided will not be disclosed to any other party or user. Data will be secured by highly encrypted algorithms.
  • The user should provide the accurate, up- to- date information.
  • The information will be collected and used only for the purpose specified by us on the website .
  • The personal information of the user will be retained by us until it is needed and necessary for the specified purpose.
  • Health related reporting data is fully encrypted and secured on cloud and not shared with any third party service.
  • Data is secured and we don't share user data with any third party
  • Our customer Member app is fully secured and we don't collect any users data
  • Our Member app don't request SMS permission